Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soldiers to pay for their own injuries

I caught this yesterday but I need to find a printed source...

The great leaders of this country are putting into place a measure to have soldiers with health care force their health care providers pay for the injures instead of Uncle Sam.

Amazing, we are now telling those that defend this countries with their lives that if they injure themselves they will be going to the plan their civilian employer provides for the cost. Are you kidding me? Talk about outrageous. Guaranteed the cost to buy that insurance just went up for the employer and the soldier. In fact most will probably lose their coverage because the employer will not be able to cover the rising premiums.

Like the carbon offset program, and the health care reforms, this adds most cost on the backs of the middle class. Of course the Soviet Communists promised to aid the workers and then the whole thing went south and the illusion of freedom under Communist rule turned to tyranny.

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