Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still waiting for this new era of oversight in Washington

Ok let me get this straight

Chris Dodd's wife was an exec at AIG and Chris Dodd accidentally wrote legislation benefitting AIG execs getting bonuses

then there is this

Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant
Short Freddie Mac stay made him at least $320,000
By Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac Tribune reporters
Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator.One of those allegedly asleep-at-the-switch board members was Chicago's Rahm Emanuel—now chief of staff to President Barack Obama—who made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that required little effort.

Reportedly Obama also got 100,000 from AIG in campaign contributions

Bonnie Frank and a bunch of Obama advisors were previously employed by Fannie and Freddie who are also at the heart of this mess.

but wait some fannie and freedie execs are also getting bonuses

and do not forget the 60 billion that was laundered to banks not in the US through AIG

and this is the new open and honest Washington

bring back Nixon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soldiers to pay for their own injuries

I caught this yesterday but I need to find a printed source...

The great leaders of this country are putting into place a measure to have soldiers with health care force their health care providers pay for the injures instead of Uncle Sam.

Amazing, we are now telling those that defend this countries with their lives that if they injure themselves they will be going to the plan their civilian employer provides for the cost. Are you kidding me? Talk about outrageous. Guaranteed the cost to buy that insurance just went up for the employer and the soldier. In fact most will probably lose their coverage because the employer will not be able to cover the rising premiums.

Like the carbon offset program, and the health care reforms, this adds most cost on the backs of the middle class. Of course the Soviet Communists promised to aid the workers and then the whole thing went south and the illusion of freedom under Communist rule turned to tyranny.

Of Misdirection and Fraud

Is there anything that is not backwards in America right now???

Right now we are engaged in a fabricated debate over how much money the execs at AIG got. First of all do any of you actually believe the leaders of our governments were unaware that these payments were scheduled? Are our leaders that uninformed? Are we that guible to believe this nonsense?

Here is the thing while we are debating this topic over 60 billion left the country and went to European banks. Talk about overlooking dollars to pick up pennies. Someone please locate for me in the Constitution where it is legal for Congress to take taxpayer money and give it to corporations in foreign countries.

I am agree with the leaders of this country in that this is outrageous unfortunately we disagree on the question. They want you to focus in on 155 million that was contractually and legally due to this execs and ignore the 60 billion that went out the window. I do not care if the payments were right or wrong, we should be debating whether it was right or wrong for the government to give AIG the money in the first place.

on the heels of all this, fannie and freddie are prepared to issue their own bonuses

If you wrote a script like this no one would buy it......

But here we are buying into this nonsense hook line and stinker....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Signs that we are in a Depression

First up the stock market is down about 32% in the first 50 days of Obama. In 1929 the Stock market fell 50% in one day so it has taken longer but Obama has achieved much in his first 50 days. A whole lot of wealth has been destroyed...

Of you liberal idiots will say some rich people ttok it on the chin who cares. First of all the majority of Americans is invested in the stock market and like those supposed banks that are too big to fail those that are not in the stock market are quickly and most directly affected by it.

You can tell me to stick it but I challenge you liberals idiots to get on a plane and go visit one of the tent cities forming in America that right America and tell those folks it is ok because only the rich people are getting the shaft. Sure Warren Buffet lost something like 26 billion but he is still rich and he does not have to sleep in a tent and cook his food over an open fire...

and not just in California but other States as well.

and The NRA-National Recovery Administration is almost alive again as Joe Biden kisses the Union Ring...

The battle in Congress over forced unionism and the so-called "Card Check" scheme is heating up dramatically. The end result stronger Union control of the marketplace just like in the Depression. The best thing that can be said about this is "if you have a job it will not be too bad" as the government cripples the economy to keep wages artifically high and therefore unemployment artifically high.

So what color tent do you want????

SS DT from Obama

Same Story Different Topic from Obama

Lots of great rhetoric and sweeping hopeful statement but no leadership. After years of complaining about the so called Bush No Child Left Behind Act, Obama and co say no change needed here except for "Americans to teach themselves". I say so called Bush because it was actually Kennedy and Co that created and pushed for the Act. Bush in an attempt at biparitisan fashion dumbly signed on to the act and then took the hit for allegedly not funding the measure. All in all a beautiful ste up because Bush has no authority over funding. The same idiot bunch of Democrats in Congress that came up with the legislation was also responsible for the funding.

Surrender in Afghanistan

This just in,

The Commander in Chief says we are losing in Afghanistan and he is willing to talk. He claims to has identified the moderate Taliban forces.

Not sure if the moderates are the ones that kill women for going to school or the men who refuse to wear beards. Apparently the great leader has and he is settting up a meeting.

Terms of surrender to be released as soon as they are available.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monthly Update on National Debt

As part of informing the public....

Toady the March 3 ,2009 the National Debt stands at $10,891,106,202,111 give or take

Assuming an estimated population of the United States is 305,748,657 and that means each citizen's share of this debt is $35,621.07. This means each man, woman, and child owes 35,621.07 or roughly $142,000 for a family of four.