Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of Misdirection and Fraud

Is there anything that is not backwards in America right now???

Right now we are engaged in a fabricated debate over how much money the execs at AIG got. First of all do any of you actually believe the leaders of our governments were unaware that these payments were scheduled? Are our leaders that uninformed? Are we that guible to believe this nonsense?

Here is the thing while we are debating this topic over 60 billion left the country and went to European banks. Talk about overlooking dollars to pick up pennies. Someone please locate for me in the Constitution where it is legal for Congress to take taxpayer money and give it to corporations in foreign countries.

I am agree with the leaders of this country in that this is outrageous unfortunately we disagree on the question. They want you to focus in on 155 million that was contractually and legally due to this execs and ignore the 60 billion that went out the window. I do not care if the payments were right or wrong, we should be debating whether it was right or wrong for the government to give AIG the money in the first place.

on the heels of all this, fannie and freddie are prepared to issue their own bonuses

If you wrote a script like this no one would buy it......

But here we are buying into this nonsense hook line and stinker....

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