Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Signs that we are in a Depression

First up the stock market is down about 32% in the first 50 days of Obama. In 1929 the Stock market fell 50% in one day so it has taken longer but Obama has achieved much in his first 50 days. A whole lot of wealth has been destroyed...

Of you liberal idiots will say some rich people ttok it on the chin who cares. First of all the majority of Americans is invested in the stock market and like those supposed banks that are too big to fail those that are not in the stock market are quickly and most directly affected by it.

You can tell me to stick it but I challenge you liberals idiots to get on a plane and go visit one of the tent cities forming in America that right America and tell those folks it is ok because only the rich people are getting the shaft. Sure Warren Buffet lost something like 26 billion but he is still rich and he does not have to sleep in a tent and cook his food over an open fire...


and not just in California but other States as well.

and The NRA-National Recovery Administration is almost alive again as Joe Biden kisses the Union Ring...

The battle in Congress over forced unionism and the so-called "Card Check" scheme is heating up dramatically. The end result stronger Union control of the marketplace just like in the Depression. The best thing that can be said about this is "if you have a job it will not be too bad" as the government cripples the economy to keep wages artifically high and therefore unemployment artifically high.

So what color tent do you want????

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