Thursday, February 26, 2009

Violence on border with Mexico to end

That's right folks, the gauntlet has been throw down.

Holder, Obama and company have said enough is enough. They are putting together legislation to ban certain types of firearms here in the US to stop the Mexicans that are fighting along our borders.

That's right folks taking away your rights is going to stop folks in another country from shooting and killing each other.

This came in from a friend of mine. I edited it to remove identifying info and profanity.


A majority of the American voters ask for it, and now we're getting it. I predicted this outcome last Nov. to several of you just prior to the election. See the link below.

Under the guise of the War in Mexico, assault weapons sold in the US are now being targeted by Obama and his minions, or so says the drive by media. (It is illegal to own an automatic assault weapon in the country without licensure from BATF but all of us know that already.) Somehow these illegal automatic weapons are being bought in the US and smuggled accross the border to fuel the Mex-Drug cartel war. Yeah, I bought a case of carbines last week and took them accross. Made a bundle. Was paid with a semi-truck load of meth.

This is just the beginning. (Hold on to your family jewels, as Obama will soon be confiscating those too, or tax them into oblivion. Hate to tell him but my spouse has already taken those from me, so she'll have to pay the tax.) Ownership of these weapons will be an out an out crime. Weapons with a "clip" (detachable magazine) greater than ten round capacity is specifically mentioned in the article linked below. Can't wait to see the aurgument about a pistol grip, detachable bayonet, etc. Cop killer bullets are also mentioned, but as a law abiding citizen we have no reasons to kill cops. It's the guys cops are trying to arrest that make me lose sleep. Any type projectile can kill anyone regardless of their profession, or intent. We all know it's where the shot is placed that will make a difference.

I doubt the chimps who are writing the legislation know the differences between semi and auto. And the worst possible language used is "making the ban permanent." Our government has created an emergency for proposed legislation, so of course, for greater security, the American public will trade away another part of their liberty."

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