Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and the body count rises

Difficult to find this in the main stream news but a few have started talking about the story out of Mexico. Apparently some 5500 died in 2008 in border towns as drug violence has taken an uptick. Good thing we started building and enforcingour border. Oh that's right our friends in Washington in an effort to court the illegal did not bother to secure our Southern Border. In stead we are building a super expressway so that an invading army, I mean so that goods can move quickly from Mexico to the USA.

Also, the socialist country of Mexico appears to be straining as cut back on wire transfers back to Mexico and in some cases they have gone back. The declining price of oil has not yet hit Mexicos bottom line as the contract is fixed at $70 per barrel. Any one care to guess what happens when and if Mexico has to operate on revenue from $40 per barrel oil. Keep in mind the oil production like many industries in Mexico is controlled by the government.

Maybe we could use those prison camps being built by the government to house the refuggees that will be streaming over the border.

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