Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too much too say

Where to start...

Do I talk about the media gag on protestors in Denver...apparently they roasted a pig as a symbolic gesture to the passage of Porkulous Maximus

Why Porkulous Maximus? I know Rush is calling it porkulous. I prefer Porkulous Maximus because it sounds more official and reminds of the Roman Empire. The Roman empire believed it would last forever. They believed they were invincible. This package is much the same as they believe they can stop the business cycle.

How about many folks wondering why Congress lampooned the Big Three automaker executives taking plane filghts in private jets to go to Congress but Obama and the government think nothing of wasting tax payer dollars to travel to Denver to sign a piece of paper.

Speaking of Porkulous Maximus any one else catch the part in this bill where your medical records are going to become the property of the Federal Government? Probably not since even the loons that voted for it did not read it. Ok here is the thing, the Bill says You do not have to turn over your records. Duh. How would you and where would you? Your records are with your doctor not sitting in your living room. The doctors do not have to send the information except if they do not the begin to see their Federal payments from Medicare medicaid drop and conversely the more they play the more they get bonuses. So you doctor gets to treat people for free or turn over your records and get a stack of cash.

On to foreign policy--GITMO is still in business despite the memo to the countrary. We have not left Iraq and there are no new plans in place to change the pace of draw down put into place by Bush. And guess what 17,000 more troops are going to Afghanistan. I know that is all Bush's fault. But I thought the One was going to cause the World to love us again and there would be peace and joy.

And now the children are smarter than our representative in Congress. In Meza, AZ apparently the government indoctrination is not complete for many students brazenly dared to question the validity of the One's plan. Apparnelty these students understand you can not borrow your way to success.

And just in, CNBC host asks if we are going to reward the losers....

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