Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still waiting for change

It's Day 86 so there are still a few more days before the end of the highly promoted first Hundred Days of Change. So things could chnage but with only 2 weeks left and so little accomplished this is probably as good a time as ever to start the evaluations.

GITMO during the campaign there was a speech a day on how this would be closed. Today the message is the situation is complicated and we are considering putting them in a prison in Virginia. Sidebar--of course the trial for the bomber of the USS Cole was stopped and yes on paper GITMO has been closed.

IRAQ during the campaign there was a speech a day on how we would be out of Iraq beginning from day one. Divisions would start coming home 1 or 2 a month. Then it was 16 months, then it was 30,000-50,000 would stay. Today, the message is we are responding to the military leaders in the field, the conditions, and ultimately we may have to delay the withdrawal. sidebar to cover this up there was a media blitz claiming failures in Afghanistan.

IRAN/North Korea
Stern words and like everything else some good speeches from the teleprompter or giant screen TV but ultimately the leaders of these countries realized what we have not. North Korea launches a missile and Iran says honest we just want nuclear power. sidebar--Obama fails to grasp the complexity of foreign affairs and calls for UN condemnation without understanding the positions of China and Russia.

In response to NK launch and other World events, Obama puts forth a budget that cuts the development and deployment of missile dterrent systems in Alaska and offers to cut our weapons stock piles. Of course Russia and China like this idea.

Constitutionally not the responsibility of government but we threw away the Constitution so long ago who really cares. To prove the O team and the Dmeos care more than Reps, the Demos pass an even bigger misguided spending bill that is guaranteed to slow economic growth and saddle our great grandchildren with massive debt but not before you and I suffer hyper inflation sometime in late 2009 or 2010. The stock market essentailly crashes until George Soros and his buddies dump some cash to prop it up. Meanwhile Russia and China call for a new monetary unit.

A miniwar has developed on our southern border and here again a few nice speeches a few troops and we are on a trip to Europe where he bad mouths Americans. Sidebar also the practice of raiding companies is essentially scraped unless the company is AIG.

Speaking of bad investments how about investing billions of tax payers dollars into GM and in less than 100 days realizing the company is not going to make it any way.

Corruption swept away
Ok, here i have to hand it to him after all Bush only found one person that was evading taxes during his appointments. This guy found a whole bunch of folks. Of course I would argue corrupt people are always corrupt.

Yep, a real victory here. He brought the entire force of the US Navy to bear on 4 teenage boys and won. Wow amazing. Anyone stop to ask why after years the Somilia Pirates decided to attack not just one American ship but since Obama's nice speech about pirates a second ship? The pirates were not in any way affected by our actions in fact they are probably more eager than ever to beat us again.

Tax cuts for the Middle class
this is another beautiful piece of posturing. The o Team merely changed the withholding tables at the end of the year you will be paying the same tax rate. When you factor in the changes elsewhere in the tax code we all will be paying more taxes.

And the Demos what to us to believe the tea parties are contrived. The O team has a complete lack of understanding of people and events both at home and abroad.

Keep in mind these are the days planned for ahead of time so they should represent the best efforts and agenda of the President before things start to be more reactive than proactive.

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