Monday, April 20, 2009

I am stunned

Every day or nearly ever day I am stunned by the news. Keep in mind I only pay attention to probably less than half of what is going on and I am stunned.

Senior Obama officials calling the tea parties "unhealthy" are you kidding me. Americans exercising their right to peaceable assembly and Free Speech is unhealthy...

Bills in the Congress to not only bail out newspapers but grant licenses as to who can publish news? are you kidding me am I the only one that sees this as the end of free speech. Oh sure everyone else will still get to publish but only the Official news will be what the government decides is official--this does not send a chill up your spine?

Ex military folks declared as possible terrorists?

Obama effectively saying "let them eat cake" in response to the tea parties and taxes. He went on about how he gave 95% of us a tax cut. There has been no reduction in the tax rate he just had Congress pass a bill to reduce withholding. You will be paying the same amount of tax you always have. In fact you will probably end up oweing this year instead of getting refund because you are getting your refund at a rate of $13 per week. Even if we did get a tax cut when are we going to repay all this new debt? and how?

And now the government is going to decide which banks can repay the tarp money and which can not...seriously government is going to decide whether or not something is operating profitably? seriously the biggest wastor of money on the planet is going to sit in judgement.

The America Apologies tour is over but what are the long term ramifications.....Iran says screw you and jails a reporter and then says Obama should not talk it, China and Russia tell us to get lost on sanctions or even a stern letter to North Korea but they salivate at the idea of a treay for arms reductions....I wonder why. Pakistan says send us some money no strings attached. Europe says very nice speech and thanks for stopping by but it is still all your fault and no we are not supporting anything. and then Latin America....I do not even know when to begin here. oh wait and North Korea is told in no uncertain terms that they had better not launch and then they do and.........................the Obama apology turn begins.

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