Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am a terrorist

I am not the author of this but I agree with and so I offer it here to my readers

Apparently I am a person capable of being a “man made disaster” propagator. I never realized I was such a bad person until the Dept. of Homeland Security outlined me as such. And I bet a good many of you folks are in the same situation.

I believe that Congress should control its spending just like me and my family are required to do during difficult financial times. I believe in less taxation. Money in my pocket is money that is spent to boost our sick economy. I support the Constitution as it was written by our forefathers, not as a document to be changed and modeled after EU documents. I believe that the 2nd Amendment guarantees my right to own a gun for my self defense, and does not only apply to a state militia. I am anti-abortion, as it is plain murder of the unborn, and I am against illegal immigration. US Citizenship is a dear possession and should not be handed out like dirt to anyone who illegally crosses our borders. I support the rights of any legal US citizen to runs for office, even on a third party ticket. I believe in free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution. It is my right to grow a vegetable garden without Federal interference, as I am the one who eats the fruits of that labor. And I am anti-United Nations. The US is a sovereign nation and has the God given right to national self-determination. It should never be subjugated to the will of any nation or nations.

So there you have it. When I was a younger man those terms above would have been describing a patriot, or at least a good US citizen. Now it means right wing “terrorist.” What have I and this nation come to?

Authors name omitted to protect him because in this "New America" he may be presecuted for such "radical" beliefs

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