Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just could not resist

This is really pointless but still damn funny. Apparently, the power of the One does not extended to opening doors.

I know Bush did something similar well not exactly he tugged on a locked door at least he recognized a door as a door.

In classic leftist fashion, the media ran to Obama's defense and blamed Obama's lapse on Republicans because he gave them an icy reception. The One was apparently still reeling for the failure of his powers of persuasion to work on the Republicans.

Man, it is a good thing we stopped having Presidents making contact with foreign countries because I shuuder to think what would happen....


American n' Proud said...


I saw this on drudge earlier and laughed myself silly. But just imagine the absolute derisiveness the media would spew forth if it were Bush who did such a thing. The coverage would be gruesome.

Mark said...

Good find! So even when Hussein makes the same kind of honest mistake everyone else, including former President Bush does, it's the Republican's fault.

When Bush does it, it's because he's stupid, when Obama does it, it's because Republicans rattled him... Oh yeah!

But at least Bush understand the difference between a door and a window.

Always On Watch said...

Of course, mistaking a window for a door at the White House is an understandable error.

Hey, I wonder if BHO got mixed up because he was out copping a smoke in the freezing weather here in the D.C. area. LOL.

PS: I've got you linked on my sidebar as of a few minutes ago.

Dissenter of One said...

To Mark

I agree. I think the point being made here is that The One is human despite the pronouncement of divinity from Oprah.

Next up we will dissect the meaning of Obama's favorite word um or it uh

Can u imagine if Bush had used uh and um so much? The coverage would have been fantastic instead the pass goes to....